Online Integrated Payments


Make your business accessible

Whatever type of business you run; online integrated payments should be considered an essential customer payment option. Clearly e-commerce websites running WooCommerce or Shopify need an online payment method with a shopping cart checkout, but what about other businesses with brick and mortar storefronts that don’t rely on an online check out option?

Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

A hosted payment page option gives all businesses the ability to present payment options by way of a payment link. An HPP makes it possible to email out payment links for customers and attach those links to invoices and customer numbers.


QR Code Payments

Invoice presentment with QR codes is an option not often thought of as an online payment presentment option. Once generated to a computer screen or a printed receipt, customer payments can be made by accessing the QR location through their mobile device camera. iOS and Android devices have the technology to pay imbedded within their operating systems and connected through the payors digital wallet.

Shopping Carts

If you’re using an online shopping cart, you know the importance if a quick checkout and positive customer experience. The shopping cart integration is the cornerstone of all mobile enabled and web-based businesses.

virtual terminal-with-payment-integration-solution-for-business-saas-software-with-payment-integration-for-credit-cards-e-check-and-ach

Virtual Terminal

The online integrated payment solution needs an integrated virtual terminal to tie everything together. We provide a fully integrated virtual terminal to enter in new transactions and modify, refund or void a transaction made online or in person.

Omnichannel Solution

Our solution ties in all payments accepted online and otherwise for reporting and reconciliation in a single location and with a single sign on (SSO).


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