The inventory management features of ServiceCore give users the ability to go paperless and manage inventory online and in the cloud. Map functionality allows for a quick view of any rental units available to rent and in the field. An availability calendar shows when services and equipment will be available.


Customer management includes calendar notifications for upcoming jobs and rental deliveries. Recurring cleaning or pumping services can be scheduled with the ‘repeat jobs’ function. Multiple site and service locations can be created for organized operational mapping.

Business intelligence features enable business report generation with the click of a button. Volumes, jobs, driver efficiency and revenue are all organized and trackable. Regulatory compliance for state and local agencies is simplified with responsive reporting tools.

Jobs are optimized manually via drag-and-drop or with an automated route optimization tool. All scheduling and route information is detailed and printable for drivers if needed.

Service Core

ServiceCore is a SaaS custom built for liquid waste (septic tank, grease trap) and roll off rental (portable restrooms, dumpster) businesses. The software assists operators in route optimization and inventory management for septic, grease trap cleaning, portable toilet, and roll off rental. 

payment integration solution for contractors tracking

ServiceCore streamlines operations moving the wastewater and roll-off rental industry into a digital transformation where accounts can be managed from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The solution solves front and back office business operations with accounting and field-service needs, and helps operators manage their jobs, inventory, schedule and invoicing.


Account invoicing offers full QuickBooks sync integration to keep work days on the books in real time. ServiceCore uses industry-standard billing methods for recurring invoicing. This including 28-day billing. Invoices from work orders are created with ease and tied in directly to an integrated payment processing platform to accept payments via credit card or ACH. All payment transactions are tokenized and reported in real time.

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