“Ramp found over $250,000 in savings right out of the gate. That, plus cashback is far more valuable than any points program.”

Nick Greenfield

CEO & Co-founder, Candid

Ramp 5-in-1 software that replaces Amex, Expensify, Concur, Bill.com and more—for free. Businesses that use Ramp save an
average of 3.3% and close their books 5 days faster than before.


Simple. Automated. Savings.

  • Get started in minutes with corporate cards and #1 rated software that everyone loves
  • Streamline operations and save days each month with controls & automation that scale to 1000s of employees
  • Stop wasteful spend and save thousands with unlimited cashback and insights that maximize savings—not points

Time is money. Save both.

Ramp is a finance automation platform designed to save you time and money. The platform gives you 5-in-1 software that consolidates corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting, and reporting into one simple and free solution.



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