Core Capabilities 

  • Online ordering (with integrated DoorDash delivery add-on available)
  • Website management
  • Social hub dashboard
  • ‘Do it For Me’ social posting
  • ‘Do it For Me’ review response
  • ‘Do it For Me’ email marketing
  • Menu distribution

Ordereze makes marketing easy by eliminating the need for merchants to rely on multiple companies to maintain their online presence. With Ordereze, merchants can manage their entire restaurants with one company, managed from one dashboard – all at an affordable price.

Ordereze Software

Ordereze is a digital agency platform that provides marketing tools restaurants can utilize to promote their business directly to consumers in a cost effective manner.

The robust Ordereze platform makes it simple for restaurants to manage their entire online presence all in one place, and even allows customers to purchase items a la carte. Customization is also available, giving restaurants the option to choose whether they’d like to use the pre-installed tools themselves or have Ordereze do it for them – making online restaurant marketing easier than ever before.



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