DaySmart Pet Software

DaySmart Pet Software is a management and point of sale system for pet-based businesses. The software is built for operations offering groomer services as well as pet daycare, boarding kenneling and training facilities. There is competition in this space, but we found DaySmart Pet Solutions to be among the best choices considering payment security and feature set.

The customer facing portal offers new clients the ability to create and manage their account online with options to add preferred credit cards for payments. Clients also have the ability to view upcoming appointments and check loyalty point balances.

There’s an option for two-way text confirmation built into the software allowing clients to reply with scheduling via text. This system automatically marks calendar confirmation and cancellation.

We’ve found that pet-based businesses really like this feature, because it integrates pet intake with less contact and confusion. This is a useful feature lets business owners know how many animal companions will be wagging their tails through the door on time.

Late pickups are built into the software so that fees can automatically be updated upon checkout.

Automated marketing features are robust and offer the ability to create recurring marketing campaigns for birthdays or any custom anniversary. Touch points for this feature can be made through email or text.


In pet care oftentimes there are special feeding and medication requirements based on the needs of each animal. DaySmart Pet Software organizes this process by giving pet owners the ability to attach tasks and notes to pets. There’s even a notification feature that prompts when vaccinations are due.


The ability to offer bulk plan services based on frequency is built in so business owners can offer discounts based on service packages and promotions.

Credit cards can be accepted by using Ingenico equipment such as the iPP350, iSC Touch 250, iSMP4 (wireless), an ELO All-in-One Bundled solution with a touch screen and an integrated cash drawer as well as an ID Tech VP3300 which is available for both iOS and Android.

Clients may also make payments directly through their own hardware like a personal computer or a mobile device.

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