Core Capabilities 

  • Integrated Payments
  • Gift Cards
  • Online Booking
  • Reputation Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Performance Dashboards
  • Staff Management
  • Text Marketing
  • QuickBooks® Sync
  • Client Database

DaySmart has been in business for quite a while: May of 1998 to be exact. Integrated payments are a central feature and one they do as well as anybody in the business of managing businesses.

DaySmart Software

DaySmart is a business management software that serves the salon, pet, spa and tattoo merchant industries. They deliver their solutions to thousands of businesses to simplify operations, automate client communication, optimize appointment scheduling, simplify business reporting and streamline payment processing.

All of the DaySmart core business management software packages include integrated payment intake devices which offer real-time responsive and tokenized P2PE payment intake. Credit cards can be accepted using Ingenico equipment such as the iPP350, iSC Touch 250, iSMP4 (wireless), an ELO All-in-One Bundled solution with a touch screen, and an integrated cash drawer as well as an ID Tech VP3300 which is available for both iOS and Android.



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