The platform has a back-end system for operations that makes the retrieval of important documents incredibly quick and snappy. As leaders in the digital transformation from traditional paper, Laserfiche makes document management trackable and retrievable. The days of warehousing boxes of paper documents should soon be behind us as this information makes its final migration into servers on-premise and in the cloud.



Enterprise content management (ECM) systems have measurable benefits to higher education, local, state, federal governments and corporations of every size. How entities manage the content derived from daily operations can mean the difference between a good organization and a great one. The efficiencies achieved using enterprise content management today makes it impossible to run almost any organization without it in one form or another.


Laserfiche is an enterprise content management platform with a document repository that helps store and retrieve items like tax bills, licenses, invoices, certifications and more. It is supported by a robust user community, value added resellers (VAR) and solution providers (SP).

Payments can be accepted in a form-based environment when registrations and documents are created or modified and recurring billing can be achieved through tokenization with credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments. In certain cases, card-present transactions may be required and this can be achieved with several available device integrations. The efficiencies of ECM’s like Laserfiche® will continue to transform the landscape of digital documentation and we believe that the incorporation of payments with real-time reporting will enhance its usefulness and further eliminate the disorganized world of documents.

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