Core Capabilities 

  • Integrated Payments
  • Online Enrollment with eSign
  • Enrollment Forecasting
  • Touchless Sign-in & Sign-out with QR code
  • eHealth Screenings
  • Family Engagement and Communication Mobile App
  • Camp Registration + Management
  • Children + Staff Attendance Management
  • Automatic Billing
  • Flexible Payment Processing & Tuition Collection
  • Service Fee Option
  • Payroll Time Tracking
  • Lesson Planning Activity + Assessments
  • Tracking of meals, special health information, authorized pickup/drop off and immunization history
  • Virtual Preschool Management

1Core Solution Software

1Core Solution is a child care center management software that delivers peace of mind to facility directors, staff, and families. The solution is designed specifically for child care centers and preschools. 1Core Solutions platform enables childcare & daycare operators to manage every part of their business while saving time, money and increasing revenue.



The 1Core Solution software package gives parents the ability to complete all registration documents online, with no need for paper forms. Parents and family members can sign electronically and receive a signature certificate accepted everywhere. There’s an enrollment forecasting feature which allows centers to predict enrollment numbers based on past data unique to each center.




Parents and staff can check children in and out children using a mobile device or the web-based system. Centers have the ability to create customized health questionnaires that families can complete before they can sign in their children. These health questionnaires are also available for staff.



A mobile communication app enables family engagement so that parents can manage their entire child care center experience. The app includes the ability for parents to view images and videos of their child, communicate with teachers, update important child information and easily make tuition payments.



Camp registration & management functionality enables easy management of camp registrations and payment collection. Child & staff attendance management gives operators the ability to track attendance of track participants throughout each day with granular data points to easily generate reports.



The ability to automatically bill is beneficial for centers and families looking to reduce late payments. With this functionality, centers get their payments on time and families get to avoid paying late fees.
By offering flexible payment processing and tuition collection methods, families can make all their payments fully online using credit cards or ACH. Centers receive these payments directly into their accounts, saving time and paperwork. There are two possible flows to collect tuition. 1. Tuition Auto Pay which is controlled by the center and 2. Tuition Pay Direct which is controlled by the parents.


1Core Solution Software

1Core Solution and PaymentIntegrator offers a service fee feature for the childcare providers to recoup the credit card processing fees from the parents. While this feature is optional, it is a great feature for center operators who are hesitant to offer credit cards as a payment option because of the costs associated with taking this form of payment. The service fee option is a hassle-free integration meaning if the service fee is enabled, 1Core takes care of parent’s authorization, automatic calculation and posting to the account ledger.


Payroll time tracking keeps track of staff hours by allowing them to sign in and sign out. Directors can then pull staff hours reports they can use for payroll purposes. Staff can easily manage lesson plans and activities and easily communicate them to children’s respective families. The platform has the ability to track meals, special health information, authorized pickup/drop off and monitor immunization history.


This is especially useful for center directors as many are required to provide annual reports with this information. Because no childcare software management tool would be complete without it, 1Core Solution includes virtual circle time participation for prospective families which can be used to manage all virtual classes, including staff schedules. It can also be used as a tool to for virtual center activities and allow prospective parents join a virtual class to meet their child’s potential instructor.


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