The waste management industry removes, collects, manages, and disposes of trash. The industry is also tasked with handling materials eligible for recycling, contaminated water, pollutants, hazardous materials. The end result of their service is to keep our communities clean, healthy, and running smoothly. These organizations work tirelessly, often around the clock to provide their crucial services. The hard-working men and women in waste management are sometimes referred to as unsung heroes of our modern society because they often operate from behind the curtain and can be taken for granted by many in the communities they serve.

Running a waste management business is a massive responsibility, and it doesn’t just revolve around picking up the trash. There are a multitude of local and Federal environmental ordnances and rules that must be adhered to and that’s in addition to having to run the business itself. Employees include executives, accountants, lawyers, sanitation engineers, hazmat workers, heavy machinery operators, clean-up crews and various administrative staff members. These enterprises are run by both on premise software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to efficiently manage operations. Management of equipment, pick up routes, waste disposal, human resources, accounting, invoicing, billing and waste management payment is all run through integrated software applications.

Payment Integrator takes the dirty work out of your waste management payment processing. We have direct integrations into the most widely used and powerful waste management payment and billing systems. Our payment gateway comes equipped with P2PE security and credit card processing devices with the ability to accept e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. We have a malleable hosted payment page (HPP) and restful APIs to facilitate waste management payment integrations into any custom software application. Powerful tokenization provides a platform to create customer profiles for recurring billing and scheduled waste management payment. All payment platform integrations are secure and PCI Compliant.

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