Whether it’s a semiannual pickup of heartworm pills, or the mad dash to save the house cat from the accidental ingestion of a chocolate bar, anyone who has ever owned an animal is familiar with an office visit to a veterinarian. The skillsets and responsibilities germane to the veterinary practice are far more diverse than appear at first blush. Veterinarians diagnose conditions, administer vaccines, prescribe medication, perform surgeries, complete diagnostic tests, and counsel pet owners on a variety of conditions or treatment options. In the United States, becoming a veterinarian requires a DVM or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Combined with an undergraduate degree, this is approximately an eight-year path.

Owning and operating a veterinary practice combines a passion for animals with entrepreneurship. In order to stay current with emerging techniques and technologies, a veterinary practice owner must continue their education until retirement. Beyond that, running a successful veterinary practice comes with its own business-related challenges. There are start-up costs to consider, as well the need for suitable location. A business-minded veterinarian must also assess the competitive landscape and forecast hiring needs. Personnel needs include a strong support staff, and a well-organized front-office. Deciding on a practice area is crucial. Some veterinarians specialize only in certain animals like cats or dogs, while others stay open 24-hours for acute emergencies and treat all sorts of pets. Modern veterinary practices typically employ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platforms such as PetTracks to chart conditions and to communicate with pet owners, so they are up to date on prescriptions, vaccination schedules, office visits, point of sale, billing and veterinary payments.

Payment Integrator amounts to a one-stop solution for all your veterinary payment needs. Payment Integrator seamlessly integrates with your chosen EMR to allow you to accept credit card and debit card payments, or e-wallet options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.  We can also provide you with gateway and shopping cart that integrates seamlessly into your online storefront. Payment Integrator also has solutions for on-premise payments that will allow you to accept credit card payments with a swipe, a dip or a tap. Our hosted payment page (HPP) is perfect for generating active payment links to accompany veterinary bills for immediate payment. All of Payment Integrator’s veterinary payment solutions operate in a P2PE tokenized environment. Payment Integrator’s veterinary payment solutions are 100% secure and PCI compliant.

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