A “vape,” or electronic cigarette, “or e-cigarette” or “e-cig” is a device that heats up a consumable liquid to create a vapor you inhale. Vaping is seen as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. While nicotine-free vapes and cannabis vapes are consumed, nicotine-infused vapes are overwhelmingly popular. Vaping devices produce an aerosol byproduct from heating up a liquid that sometimes consists of flavorings and other chemicals that make vaping seem a little less harsh than smoking. This liquid, or “vape juice” delivers nicotine, marijuana, or other compounds to the user through a mouthpiece that is inhaled into the lungs then expelled through the smokers’ mouth or nose. While controversy exists over whether or not vaping is as harmful as smoking cigarettes, it has become so popular since the early 2000s that a subculture has developed around it.

Vape shops supply e-liquid, disposable vapes, kits, mods, tanks, and accessories for all vapes.  Maintaining storefronts can be expensive so many vape stores have now taken to the internet to sell vape supplies as an extra avenue for revenue employing a ‘click-and-mortar’ business model. Having an online presence improves marketing, sales, and capturing data for the purpose of maintaining customer lists as customer loyalty is common and desired. Having an online presence is also integral for promoting discounts or enacting time-based sales that can be broadcast to a wide customer base.

When it comes time to paying for vapes and vape accessories, customers need to be able to pay in a frictionless environment that takes into account all vape store payment intake methods. Payment Integrator allows vape stores the ability to take credit card and debit card transactions online over the phone and in person. We have e-wallet enabled devices and shopping carts can accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. All of our vape store payment solutions operate in a secure P2PE encrypted and PCI-Compliant environment.

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