Tutoring is sometimes practiced as a side job. It is popular and rewarding for college students to teach less advanced students like high schoolers in their spare time. However, there are larger tutoring companies that offer subject-specific preparatory services at the graduate and post-graduate levels. Kaplan, for instance, is a multinational tutoring enterprise that operates all over the world and employs thousands of full-time employees. There are tutoring companies and individual tutors who prepare students for exams like the MCAT, LSAT, and even the bar exam. Small-scale tutoring usually operates on a billable-hours basis.

Although tutoring is relatively straightforward the business side is a little more complex. Time management comes into play. Operating a tutoring business as a sole proprietor requires subject matter knowledge and the ability to meet with students over the phone, in person or by way of videoconference. Tutoring organizations with thousands of tutors and tens of thousands of students require enterprise scheduling capabilities. Legitimate tutoring businesses of all sizes operate using on premise software or software as a service (SaaS). These applications manage student coursework, handle scheduling, student communication accounting, billing, invoice and tutoring payment.

Payment Integrator has a variety of tutoring payment options that will make your tutoring business smarter, so you have the bandwidth to spend more time teaching. Our PCI Compliant environment comes equipped with P2PE security and credit card processing devices with the ability to accept e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Our hosted payment page (HPP) is perfect for creating live payment links to accompany invoices for immediate tutoring payment. Text to pay, email to pay, tap to pay, dip to pay, and swipe to pay options give tutors payment presentment options for credit card and debit card acceptance. Our unique tokenization enables the ability to create customer profiles to offer payment card on file options available to repeat tutoring clients.

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