“Anyone for tennis…?” Of all the racquet-based games, lawn tennis, or what is now known as merely “tennis” is the most popular. While its precursor, “royal tennis” survives in some parts of the United Kingdom, its complex rules and arcane scoring system render it relatively inaccessible. In the 1920s, promoter C.C. Pyle created the original professional tennis tour, with a group of Americans and French tennis players playing exhibitions to paying audiences. These early professionals had to turn down offers to play in amateur tournaments because they couldn’t afford to pay entry fees. In 1968, commercial pressures, rumors of some amateurs accepting money under the table, and the increasing popularity of tennis meant that the distinction between amateurs and professionals was abandoned, and all players could compete in any tournament, and top players could earn a living from tennis. With the beginning of the “open era,” tennis’s popularity grew worldwide. As popularity grew so did the need to outfit and supply tennis playing enthusiasts.

Since tennis is played the world over, the needs of amateur and pro players must be catered to. There are several ways this takes place. The stand-alone tennis store exists to sell racquets and tennis balls and provides services like racquet stringing and re-stringing. The pro shop provides many if not all the services of a stand-alone shop, but it is attached to a tennis club. This provides the advantage of a built-in clientele, but cannot scale to emporium size. The online storefront can also exist as an entity of its own, or as an adjunct to the stand-alone model. Whatever version of tennis store one decides to pursue, inventory management must be carefully considered, as one will want to sell the previous year’s new racquets before the major manufacturers release the new versions. An on-premise software or SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution will help you manage your tennis shop payments, employees, inventory, customer loyalty and billing.

Payment Integrator has everything you need to give your tennis store the advantage. We can provide traditional point-of-sale devices to accept credit cards and debit cards with a swipe, dip, or a tap. We can also deploy tennis shop payment processing solutions into your existing on-premise sales software or SaaS platform. Our industry-leading payments platform enables e-wallet transactions using Apple Pay and Google Pay. All of Payment Integrator’s customer-specific payment acceptance solutions are secure, PCI compliant, and operate in a P2PE tokenized environment.

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