Specialty Fuels

The specialty fuels industry supports various industries with specific chemistry fuel requirements. Gas, ethanol and diesel-based fuels are used in automotive, marine and aerospace. Oftentimes these fuels are used in engine tests and prototyping to determine feasibility in real world conditions. Functional or durability tests can be run with specific tests to determine performance in all environments using equipment such as dynamometers. Compliance or emissions tests can be performed in lab environments using instruments to determine whether or not exhaust output complies with government standards.

Specialty fuels manufacturers produce products not readily available for commercial use. Operating facilities typically blend petroleum or ethanol and methanol based feed stocks to create special chemistries for their customers. Some of these fuels include triple ‘E’ or EEE Indolene Cert Fuel, JP8 & JP5 jet fuel and Cold CO. The California Air Resource Board (CARB) list of alternative fuels includes M-100, M-85, E-100, E-85, CNG, LPG, and Hydrogen. Obtaining any of these fuels for product development is important and they can be difficult to source, thus a good Specialty Fuels payment solution is much needed. The specialty fuel industry is able to assist by blending chemistries to suit specific project needs. Certifications often ship with the products so that engineers and regulators can quantify and verify input, output and results.

Specialty fuel customers like engine testing facilities typically issue a PO which is short for purchase order. Once these orders are made, they’ll include terms such as net 30 (to be paid within 30 days of delivery) or due upon receipt. Deliveries will typically be made including a Certificates of Analysis (CoA) and an invoice which will refer to the customer issued PO. Using a dynamic invoice with payment links can make collecting on invoices fast. Payment Integrator utilizes technologies like hosted payment pages (HPP), iFrame Tokenizers and a whole host of P2PE encrypted PCI compliant devices to accept credit card and debit cards. Our e-wallet functionality enables the use of Apple Pay and Google Pay. We have integrations that work with enterprise resource management software (ERP) and customer resource management software (CRM) to streamline Specialty Fuel payment presentment. With email-to-pay and text-to-pay functionality payment intake takes less time and is more secure and accurate.

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