A pair of shoes believed to be the earliest ever discovered was found in Oregon in 1938. They dated back to 7000-8000 BC and were constructed of molded sagebrush. In the ensuing time, shoes have evolved beyond multi-use devices designed to shield the feet from the elements to finely tuned equipment, engineered for a variety of highly specialized use cases. There are shoes that are made for walking, running, basketball, baseball, golf, martial arts, outdoor labor, cross-country skiing and high fashion. The list goes is long. Many athletic shoes are constructed with durable rubber to create friction between the shoe and the ground and to avoid slippage. Dress shoes are often made of fine leathers and have evolved into fashion statements. These shoes are considered to be works or art or status symbols. As any woman who calls herself a “shoe hound” will attest, the right shoe can accentuate any outfit and easily create a lasting impression.

If footwear and entrepreneurship are your twin passions, the sales of footwear may make sense as a career path. The largest consideration in running a shoe store is, of course, inventory. Even if you decide to confine your business to a single niche of shoe sales, such as athletic footwear, you will need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of every brand and style in your niche. You will need to be abreast of industry trends and create and/or nurture positive relationships with vendors so you can ideally get your hands on the newest seasonal stock or limited-edition shoe before your competition. Operators must consider a robust SaaS (software as a service) selling and inventory management platform with integrated shoe store payments to assist customers in-store and online.

No matter what kinds of shoes you want to sell, or how you plan to sell them, Payment Integrator has a variety of secure, PCI-compliant payment solutions that will help your shoe business put its best foot forward. Our customizable shoe store payment solutions work with a variety of in-person point-of-sale hardware options. We can also seamlessly integrate with many major online selling platforms, delivering our solutions in a P2PE tokenized environment. Payment methods include all credit cards and debit cards, ACH, e-check and e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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