Shoe repair specialists are known as cobblers. They are skilled leatherworkers who have professional experience repairing and sometimes creating shoes such as shoes, sneakers, women’s shoes, boots, flats, and sandals. While it is possible to learn the basics of cobbling in a vocational setting, like any skilled trade, it requires an apprenticeship. It is not uncommon for a cobbler to undergo a decade or more of training under masters of the craft before they gain the necessary skills to start their own shoe repair business. Some of the tools of the cobbler’s trade include hammers of various sizes, awls, shoe stands, knives spare leather, leather cutters, thread, and of course, laces. Cobblers must also carry extra heels, soles, leather, dyes, and sometimes even orthotic insoles.

While shoe repair businesses repair shoes of all kinds, they generally see a good portion of their business from high-end customers as well as customers that need repairs for shoes that are no longer being sold. As long as people continue to wear shoes, there will be a demand for cobblers and the business of shoe repair will continue to thrive. Shoes constantly wear out so if a shoe repair business continues to provide high-quality, dependable service they will see repeat customers. The stereotype for a cobbler’s workspace is a small, disorganized store, overstuffed with shoes and materials, but that is changing. While it used to be possible for cobblers to run their entire business in an analog fashion, online ticketing systems are changing this. Many cobblers now have an online storefront in addition to their brick-and-mortar store. Shoe repair operations typically run using on-premise software or a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform to manage material-related inventory needs. These point-of-sale applications handle things like customer interaction ticketing for drop off and pickup, price quoting, inventory management, client profiles, accounting, invoicing, billing and shoe repair payment.

Payment Integrator has a host of shoe repair payment solutions for your shoe repair business to make sure it can leapfrog the competition. We have an omnichannel PCI-compliant payment gateway. Our integrated shopping cart solutions are perfect for integrating with an online storefront. Payment Integrator also features a variety of in-person point-of-sale shoe repair payment hardware options, all deployed frictionlessly in a P2PE tokenized environment. Supported payment methods include all credit cards and debit cards, e-checks, and e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. A hosted payment page (HPP) can create live payment links to accompany invoices. These customizable shoe repair payment solutions will allow you more time servicing customers as opposed to chasing around paper tickets.

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