Private duty nursing care is the practice of caring for people who are in need of assistance for a wide range of reasons. Typically, patients are not able to care for themselves and immediate family may not be able to offer the time, skill, devotion or expertise that a trained professional can offer to improve their quality of life and standard of living. The field is focused on helping those in need, and to assist in giving people their independence and dignity. Duties include assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) such as taking care of babies, the elderly, or the handicapped. Since these clients are unable to perform normal day-to-day activities or function without assistance, they need to procure assistance on a regular basis. Private duty nurses and nurse aids perform duties like cleaning, cooking meals, driving, preparing medications, caring for their personal hygiene and of course offering medical assistance when needed.

Private duty nursing practices are overseen by registered nurses. They tend to employ teams of other nurses and nurse aids. These teams are deployed to households so that clients can be tended to in their own homes. Any impairments to Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are tended to by private duty nursing firms. ADLs include loss of the ability to bathe, dress, use the toilet, transfer, control the movements of the bowel and bladder, eat or ambulate. Patients also include those who have lost cognitive capacity. Operationally these firms are run by on premise software or software as a service (SaaS). These electron health record (EHR) and electronic medical record software platforms handle items like employee management, patient records, scheduling, accounting and billing.  

Payment Integrator seamlessly integrates with private duty practices EMR and EHR systems to enable text to pay and email to pay functionality. Many private duty firms will rely on QuickBooks by Intuit to run accounting and accept payments. We offer a direct integration with this platform. Our single source platform is able to accept e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. We can assist private duty practices who choose to offset the cost to accept credit cards and debit cards by presenting a surcharge or a cash discount to clients. Our omnichannel payment solutions reports directly into well-known private duty practice management software and operates in a P2PE enabled and PCI Compliant environment.

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