When one conjures the American dream, the vision usually involves a backyard, a barbecue and above all, a pool–Junior preparing to do a cannonball on the diving board, while the poolside loungers relax, not realizing they’re about to get splashed with water. But it’s not just in the United States that seasonal sun worshippers will find their way into fabricated, chlorinated holes dug for the purpose of pleasure and sport. Human beings are born swimmers, so our love for bodies of water is innate. That said, not everyone has the good fortune to live near a viable lake, stream, or ocean. While in-ground pools conjure the thoughts of wealth and expense, above-ground pools have made the life aquatic accessible to a wider range of homeowners. Just don’t throw darts nearby!

A pool cleaning business is an attractive path for any entrepreneur due to the low startup costs. The one non-negotiable prerequisite is a locale that boasts a relatively warm summer. Beyond that, you will need a truck, pool supplies, a place to store those supplies, and insurance. Common supplies include water test strips and test kits for Ph, pool shock, algae brushes, a pool vacuum, a leaf skimmer with a telescopic pole, a multi-purpose surface cleaner, and filter cleaner. If you need to develop a client base from scratch, Google maps will easily allow you to see what homes in your area have pools, so you can target your advertising by going door-to-door delivering flyers in the off-season. In North America, this is usually October to March. Pool cleaning businesses can run on software as a service (SaaS). A SaaS platform can simplify scheduling, repair and cleaning notes, invoicing and pool maintenance payment presentment.

No matter the size or scope of your pool cleaning business, Payment Integrator will make sure it doesn’t sink. We offer portable point-of-sale devices should a client wish to pay in person, and of course, a web-based option that easily integrates into your online storefront so clients can easily manage their pool maintenance payments. Our system readily accepts ACH deposits, credit card, and debit card payments as well as e-wallet options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. All of Payment Integrator’s solutions are customer-specific and operate in a secure, PCI compliant, P2PE tokenized environment.

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