A podiatrist is also called a doctor of podiatric medicine. This practice of medicine is devoted to and specialized in treating disorders of the foot, ankle, and other parts of the leg. Podiatrists are sometimes referred to as chiropodists. These professionals treat and diagnose everything from sports injuries to complications from ongoing health issues like diabetes. Podiatrists often assist in preventive care with whatever specific foot disorder issues a patient might have. Most people spending an average of 60% of the time in a day on their feet. Podiatrists have a very important job, keeping their patient’s feet in good health.

Podiatrists are either attached to an established practice or set up a specialized private clinic of their own. These clinics require a proper facility with a good location in relation to the patient base, proper equipment like x-ray machines and examination chairs and trained staff. The day-to-day operations of these practices run off of on-premise software or software as a service (SaaS). These software systems are called electronic health records (EHR) or electronic medical records platforms (EMR). They handle patient records and notes, patient check in, scheduling, imaging, employee management, billing and more. Patient bills are typically presented to health insurance for payment and any overage or out of pocket costs are billed directly to patients.

Payment Integrator seamlessly integrates with podiatrist EMR and EHR systems to enable text to pay and email to pay functionality. We operate a single source platform to accept e-wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Podiatry practices prefer to charge clients a surcharge or a cash discount as it offsets the cost to accept credit cards and debit cards. Our omnichannel payment solutions reports directly into well-known podiatry practice management software and operates in a P2PE enabled and PCI Compliant environment.

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