Pizza shops, pizza parlors, or pizzerias are restaurants that specialize in serving up pizza. Universally loved by almost everyone with a heart, the Pizzeria originated in Italy and the the suffix, -eria, which translates from Italian to “place of” in English. Together, pizzeria means “place of pizza.” Common toppings for pizza include mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, ham, peppers, sausage and even pineapple. Pizza shops exist in every major city and small town, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Pizza shops range from gourmet, sit-down restaurants that specializes in an “authentic” region-specific Italian experience, to quick serve takeaway/delivery operations and everything in between. Many pizza shops have both sit-down and takeaway options. Whether customers opt for a take away slice, sit down to a dine in experience or take away multiple pizzas, the pizza store industry serves all.

With so many different kinds of pizza store concepts, operators have unique management needs. Most pizza stores today are run using a software management system or software as a service system (SaaS) to manage inventory, labor, accounting, loyalty and front of the house point of sale. With so many options, order management needs to be organized and efficient. Typically, pizzas can be made within minutes. Quick delivery to door or to table is desirable to produce a fresh piping hot experience for customers. Phone orders are becoming a thing of the past as web based and mobile app-based order systems have become exceedingly useful for proprietors and patrons alike. When it comes to paying the bill, we all crave a fast and frictionless pizza store payment experience.

Payment Integrator utilizes a secure, tokenized P2PE environment to accept credit card and debit card transactions. Our PCI Compliant devices allow for pizza store payments utilizing Apple Pay and Google Pay. We think it is important for pizza store operators to understand their customers so we have software solutions with loyalty in mind. Our approach to payments offers the ability to create a customer profile so that repeat customers can be identified in advance with their payment method. Payment intake methods include text to pay, tap to pay, dip to pay and swipe to pay. The Innovative software and payment processing solutions we provide gives our pizza shop clients an edge over the competition.

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