Our pets are family members, and it’s natural that we treat them as such. The pet care industry is large and its rapidly growing. Although having a pet brings joy and fulfillment to the people who own them, pet owners have schedules and obligations like everyone else. Consequently, there is demand for hassle-free, high-quality, relationship-based pet services. As our knowledge of pet welfare increases, owners are always looking for new ways to care for their pets and increase their pet’s happiness and standard of tail wagging life. Pet services include many jobs from dog walking, to pet grooming, daycare, pet sitting, and more. There are websites and communities dedicated to finding the perfect companion for your dog or cat while you are on vacation. Mobile pet grooming services exist to pamper your furry friend in the comfort of their own home. Almost every pet owner understands how important it is to find someone willing to let their dog out during a late day at the office and there are services available to do just that…for a fee.

The varying nature of the pet services industry means that professionals in this field have unique operational considerations. Solo practitioners operating as dog walkers may need nothing more than a mobile phone calendar to manage their day while nationwide pet groomers and enterprise pet services websites require robust systems and enterprise solutions. Aquarium cleaning and maintenance businesses service fish tanks from dental offices to households everywhere. Pet services are often marketed digitally and within a region. Many pet services entrepreneurs choose to run their business using on premise software, on mobile phone app or software-as-a-service (SaaS). Each choice typically offers scheduling, marketing, pet check in, inventory, accounting, billing and pet service payments as a feature.

Whatever pet service you provide, Payment Integrator can make your business stronger. Our industry-leading payment processing solutions integrate with pet services operations. We operate a single source platform and accept e-wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Some pet services business owners prefer to charge clients a surcharge or a cash discount as it offsets the cost to accept credit cards and debit cards. Our omnichannel pet service payment solutions report directly into many well-known industry software applications. All payments are accepted in a secure P2PE enabled and PCI Compliant environment.

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