Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry includes a variety of types of businesses. Large companies usually operate oil exploration, extraction, and refining businesses. However, some sectors of the oil and gas industry include smaller businesses. When we think of oil and gas businesses, we often consider the large offshore or land rigs that extract vast quantities of these natural resources below the earth’s surface. Yet, the locally owned gas stations, oil and gas consultants, attorneys, and propane distributors are also part of this industry. Oil and gas provide approximately 60 percent of the energy used globally daily. The oil and gas industry offers profitable entrepreneurial opportunities for smart, well-informed investors. 

The oil and gas industry is made up of three sectors: upstream, midstream, and downstream businesses. Upstream businesses are referred to as exploration and production companies. They find, drill, and extract oil and gas reservoirs. Midstream businesses transport oil and gas to refineries through trucking, shipping, or pipelines. Midstream businesses also store the raw products. Downstream businesses refine and sell oil and gas products. There are also businesses that service each of these three sectors. These businesses need secure and reliable technologies, such as oil & gas payment solutions, to operate and manage their companies.

Payment Integrator offers businesses the ability to accept all types of oil & gas payments quickly and securely. With our PCI-Compliant technology, you can take all major credit and debit cards and digital wallet payments such as Apple and Google Pay. In addition, all transactions processed through Payment Integrator are safeguarded by the use of a secure P2PE environment.

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