Nursing, is a profession within the medical field focused on the ongoing care of individuals and families so they can achieve, maintain, or recover their best possible health and quality of life as quickly as possible. Nurses have the important duty of caring for their patient’s physical and mental health while healing or recovering from various ailments.  

 The nursing field includes: 

  • Certified nursing assistants 
  • Licensed practical nurses or vocational nurses 
  • Registered nurses 
  • Surgical assistant registered nurses 
  • Home care registered nurses 
  • Emergency room registered nurses 
  • Labour and delivery nurses 
  • Clinical nurse supervisors 
  • Nurse case managers 
  • Critical care nurses 
  • Oncology nurses 
  • Health informatics nurse specialist 
  • Advanced practice registered nurses 
  • Clinical nurse specialists 
  • Nurse practitioners 
  • Nurse educators 

        Nurses operate in all sorts of patient care environments. Often times nurses operate out of hospitals and private practices related to a medical specialty. Other times nurses are organized to run their own practices in the health and wellness field. Many nursing practices are tooled to care for geriatrics and patients who have difficulty caring for themselves. These businesses are typically managed by software such as an EHR (electronic health record) or EMR (electronic medical record) system. With the use of these systems, nursing businesses can handle scheduling, medical records, coding for health insurance and patient billing.

        Payment Integrator works directly with EMR and EHR systems to enable text to pay and email to pay functionality. We have the ability to accept e-wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Some nursing care practices opt to charge clients a surcharge or a cash discount as it offsets the cost to use a credit card and debit card. Our integrated payment solutions report directly into well-known accounting modules and operate in a P2PE enabled and PCI Compliant environment.

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