Non-profits and 501(c)3 organizations work for the benefit of citizens by providing funding and facilities related to education, religion, research, charity, or science. Nonprofit and 501(c)3 organizations and their members focus on playing a crucial role in making the world a better place for everyone. Apart from charitable organizations, non-profits also act as private foundations or social advocacy groups and trade groups.  These organizations primarily fund their operations with the help of donations from individuals, endowments or companies. 

The work that the non-profit organizations do can be incredibly varied and can encompass everything from providing local outreach counseling services to being on the ground assisting victims immediately after a disaster. Nonprofits are able and structured to operate on donations and with purpose. Fundraising is a significant aspect of these organizations and receiving funds comes any way a generous doner prefers. Cash, check, credit card and debit card are all acceptable forms of payment in the accounting world of a non-profit organization.

Payment Integrator has a multitude of donation and payment options that are specifically tailored to non-profit and 501(c)3 organizations to streamline the donation and funding process. We are here to help make things easier on you so you can devote your time and efforts to where it is most needed. We can assist in setting up electronic payment options for your non-profit organization so your clients can easily send donations or payments from their preferred means of payment from ACH to debit and credit cards. We also offer the acceptance of funds through e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Whether you have an already established non-profit organization or you are setting up a new one, Payment Integrator is here to seamlessly integrate electronic means of payment into your systems.

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