Merchandise is offered by retail and wholesale dealers. Merchandise or “Merch” is typically material like shirts, hats, pens and trinkets that promote a company, an individual, a sports team, a band or a politician. The industry is relatively simple to enter. Starting a business in merchandise requires an ability to prospect and work with individuals or entities interested in expanding brand awareness. Industry professionals work with their clients to produce product to either sell or give away. Merchandising products are produced in house or outsourced to a contract manufacturer and supplier. Merchandise product sales and giveaway campaigns aim to succeed by creating brand image and demand. Companies can monetize demand either through direct product sales or any correlated increase in revenue.

Operating a merchandising business requires clients for demand and supply or suppliers for production. Many merchandising businesses offer online design, purchasing, and delivery. Some operators offer a store front environment so that customers can do business in person and others operate exclusively online. Merchandising businesses that manufacture their own product need to operate a production warehouse. Operators who choose to outsource their production need to maintain relationships with third party vendors to ensure quality and on time delivery. Merchandise industry enterprises are typically staffed with sales managers, graphic designers, production and packaging specialists and accountants. These enterprises often run using on premise software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology. Such applications track inventory and shipping, manage employees, facilitate in-person and online point of sale and process merchandise payments.

Payment Integrator works with merchandise businesses to integrate payment processing with new and existing on premise and SaaS based point of sale systems. Our gateway handles credit card and debit card payments as well as e-wallet transactions like Apple Pay and Google Pay. We can communicate with merchandise accounting modules through integrated APIs and a hosted payment page (HPP) solution that is secure and PCI Compliant. Our solutions come equipped with a variety of P2PE secure countertop credit card processing terminals. Advanced tokenization makes it possible to create customer profiles to setup scheduled payments, payment plans and to manage merchandise payments and invoicing for regular customers.

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