A medical laboratory is a type of laboratory where tests are performed on patient samples to help diagnose diseases, monitor treatments, and prevent illness. Medical laboratories can operate independently; however, they are often affiliated with larger hospitals or medical centers. Biopsies, blood collection and specimens are typically collected in a doctors’ office or health clinic and then sent to a medical lab for testing. Subspecialities of medical laboratories include microbiology, parasitology, virology, hematology, toxicology, serology, urinalysis, histopathology, cytopathology, and surgical pathology.  Clinical laboratory services include large multinational corporations such LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, however the majority of medical lab industry revenues are generated by hospital laboratories. More comprehensive testing can be found in acute care hospitals and medical centers, and clinics, where the lion’s share of diagnostic decisions are based on laboratory tests. Commercial medical laboratories operate independently and provide testing that is not offered elsewhere due to complexity and the need for specialized equipment.

Medical lab testing operations must be overseen by a doctor of Laboratory Science (chief pathologist). Other key hires include a clinical biochemist, biomedical scientist, laboratory technicians, phlebotomists, laboratory assistants, and lab techs. Operating a private medical laboratory requires the ISO 15189 accreditation. Interpretation is usually left up to medical professionals, so a relationship with a private MD or hospital system is necessary. Medical labs are managed by on premise software and software as a service (SaaS). These platforms are called EHRs (electronic health record) or EMRs (electronic medical record). With the use of these systems, medical laboratories can handle scheduling, medical records, coding for health insurance, patient billing and medical lab payments.

Payment Integrator works with medical laboratories to integrate payment processing into new and existing accounting modules online shopping carts and billing systems. Our gateway handles credit card and debit card payments as well as e-wallet transactions like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Payment Integrator’s medical laboratory payment solutions can seamlessly integrate with medical lab payment accounting modules through integrated APIs. We can also provide a hosted payment page (HPP) to enable immediate payment functionality on invoices that is secure and PCI compliant. Advanced tokenization makes it possible to create client profiles in case repeat testing is needed.

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