As the world evolves and becomes more hectic, many people find it harder and harder to find time in their busy day to prepare nourishing and wholesome meals at home. To avoid the unhealthy alternatives like drive through and takeout options many have turned to the meal preparation industry to fill the gap between the demands on their time and their nutritional needs.  Meal preparation businesses prepare customized meals for individuals that specifically cater to that person’s lifestyle or dietary needs. These services can include everything from a caregiver that comes to a client’s home to prepare and cook food, to personal chefs that shop for and create meal plans for families. There’s also delivery of prepared meals for an entire week. Here all customers need to do is unwrap, serve cold or heat and eat.

Meal prep enterprise operators cater to their clientele to provide the home-made quality meals their clients request and demand. Depending on the scale of the business is largely dependent on customer load and order frequency. Staff includes account representatives and sales people, ingredient shoppers, chefs, food preparers and delivery drivers. Operators require steady access to quality ingredients, a kitchen and packaging materials.  Once prepared, meals need to be delivered to customers either directly or by use of a common carrier. On-premise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) programs handle inventory, employee management, scheduling, delivery, ordering, accounting, invoicing, billing and meal prep payments.

Payment Integrator has direct integrations into the most powerful meal preparation point of sale and business management systems available. These integrations come equipped with secure P2PE enabled credit card processing devices, and the ability to accept e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Text to pay, email to pay, QR code to pay, tap to pay, dip to pay and swipe to pay options give our meal prep clients a frictionless customer payment experience. For online sales, we offer shopping cart integrations and a virtual terminal for payments made over the phone.  Advanced gateway tokenization makes it possible to create client profiles to setup scheduled payments and meal preparation payment plans. Client profiles are perfect for repeat customers.

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