The legal services industry involves all manner of law and encompasses firms both large and small. Legal services can be concerned with the completing copyright applications, filing corporation paperwork with state governments and handling contractual matters on behalf of clients. Broadly defined, the industry can be considered a general umbrella term for generic and unspecialized law. Lawyers and paralegals serve this industry which can be part of a full-service law firm or as a standalone general service. Some legal service businesses exist as a subscription which is paid monthly for limited representation based on a service plan level.

Operating a legal services business requires the staff and systems capable of handling various general legal matters. Local legal services firms typically operate out of offices. These firms organize with one or several lawyers and paralegals to handle client load. Some solo practitioners opt to work out of home and meet with clients in local cafes or remotely on video conference lines. Others choose to run their legal services firms entirely online handling client needs remotely with the assistance of technology. These firms operate using on premise software or software-as-a-service (SaaS) to record billable hours, manage client files, record accounting, handle billing and send invoices for legal service payments.

Let Payment Integrator take care of your legal services billing needs so you can concentrate on speedy, positive results for your clients. Legal services practices can apply our industry-leading payment processing solutions to existing electronic billing systems and IOLTA accounts. With our frictionless integrations, client payments can be made electronically with credit cards and debit cards or through the use of eCheck and ACH technologies. Our hosted payment page (HPP) is perfect for creating live legal services payment links to accompany client invoices for immediate payment. Pursuant to state jurisdiction, Payment Integrator will accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and enable the use of e-wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. All of our legal services payment acceptance methods are secure, P2PE, tokenized, and PCI-compliant.

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