Information Technology (IT) Consulting firms advise, plan, design, and implement all IT processes for their clients. IT consultancy is a vital part of the professional service industry. IT consultants have an intimate knowledge of the technology that they assist with. This knowledge ensures that their consultancy will facilitate the success of the business of their clients. Businesses and individuals rely on computers driven by software and networking in order to function daily. The IT industry implements, installs and services the technology that runs modern life and business. Without IT consulting, individuals and companies would be tasked with servicing their own software, computer hardware and networking equipment.

IT consulting business operations vary based on their focus and core competency. They assist with telephone networking, enterprise content management, all forms of computer software, hardware and integrated technology services. Many IT firms act as value added resellers of the products they install and service. The most valuable resource of IT firms is their knowledgeable staff and workforce. The industry employs all levels including executives, sales people, engineers, accountants and customer support representatives. At the heart of any IT consulting enterprise is knowledgeable technical staff and on premise or software as a service (SaaS) which assists with network support, manages employees, handles customer support, invoicing, accounting, billing and invoicing for telecommunication payments. Many IT consulting clients make use of monthly or annual subscription services.

Payment Integrator offers a streamlined single source payment solution add efficiency to any IT consulting firm. We can communicate with IT consulting payment accounting modules with integrated APIs and a hosted payment page (HPP). Our tokenized transaction process allows for the ability to create and store customer profiles to setup payment plans and scheduled payments.  Our system accepts credit card and debit card payments as well as ACH transactions and e-wallet options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. All of our IT consulting payment integrations are secure and PCI Compliant.

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