Home health care is the field of providing supportive or assisted care in the residential setting. Caregivers, who are usually accredited nurses, visit the home on a regular basis to provide various types of care. Companionship can be necessary for seniors that are in need of social interaction. Homemaking services are provided for clients who lack the ability to successfully keep a home. Meal preparation services are sometimes employed by home caregivers for clients who can’t cook for themselves. Respite care amounts to relieving the primary caregiver, in the eventuality they need to attend a job outside of the home. Personal care, such as bathing and shaving are designed to increase the feeling of independence. Depending on the decrepitude of the client, sometimes intensive medical care or end-of-life care is employed. Sometimes these services are performed at regular intervals—daily or weekly–sometimes around-the-clock.

The capital required to start a home care business can be significant. Staffing is the most important component. Accredited, vetted nurses and nurse aids must be retained, and compensation packages must be commensurate with local standards. Diagnostic equipment will need to be procured, such as rolling EKGs and IV drips. In some cases, the home care entrepreneur will supervise the installation of lift chairs, bed rails or heavy-duty stair lifts. Home health care services are typically managed by on premise software or software as a service (SaaS). Some home health care agencies operate using EHRs (electronic health record) and EMRs (electronic medical record). Others will function primarily or in connection with an accounting software like QuickBooks. With the use of these systems, nursing businesses can handle scheduling, medical records, coding for health insurance and patient billing and home health care payment.

Payment Integrator has integrations with the most effective home health care software management platforms. With our integrations payments can be made with credit cards and debit cards or through E-Check and ACH technologies. We have tokenized P2PE devices and shopping carts capable of accepting e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our hosted payment page (HPP) is perfect for creating live payment links to accompany invoices for immediate home health care payment. Advanced tokenization makes it possible to create customer profiles to setup scheduled payments, payment plans and to manage invoicing for event home health care payments. Some home health care practices opt to charge clients a surcharge or cash discount using our platform as it offsets the cost to use a credit card. Our integrated home health care payment solutions report directly into well-known accounting modules and operate in a P2PE enabled and PCI compliant environment.

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