A hobby is any enjoyable leisure activity that we participate in willfully and regularly when not distracted by work or other obligations. Hobbies range from collecting cards and coins to making new foods, building model cars or airplanes, running model trainsets and launching model rockets. Hobby shops provide hobbyists with popular items in the hobby category. They sell recreational modeling and craft supplies to hobbyists that want to build or craft items from scratch with the provided materials. Hobby Shops will usually sell full kits to build model airplanes, ships, houses, and of course Legos. These shops will also sell various kinds of dolls and collectible coins and stamps.

Operating a hobby store can be a store front, online or hybrid two-pronged ‘click-and-mortar’ endeavor. The hobby store front experience is fun for kids, families and enthusiasts to touch and feel the merchandise in a personal environment. The online hobby store offers a quick click to purchase experience and customers never need to leave the comfort of their own home in order to obtain the hobby items they desire. Many operators choose to offer both an instore and online marketplace so that no hobbyist is left behind. On premise software and software as service (SaaS) platforms are able to manage, inventory, employees, accounting, billing, point of sale and hobby store payments.

Payment Integrator offers a streamlined single source payment solution add efficiency fun to any hobby store enterprise. We provide in store countertop point of sale devices that are secure P2PE enabled and have the ability to accept e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Our online capability is powered by integrated APIs and a hosted payment page (HPP). Advanced tokenization makes it possible to create customer profiles to setup scheduled payments, payment plans and to manage invoicing for regular customers. Working together we can make hobby store payments, frictionless and fun.

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