Going to the gym was once viewed as a fringe health benefit accessible to few and understood by even less. Over the years, access to gyms has grown to serve most communities all over the world.  Gyms draw varied clientele from beginners trying to shed extra pounds after the new year, to fanatics who join specialized gyms for specific performance outcomes. And of course, many utilize gyms as a sort of spa to access pools, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms. As a business, gyms come in all sizes and iterations. They can range from small boutique studios to locations with multi-level compounds with several fitness classes, spa services and a wide array of exercise equipment. Some gyms are attached to exclusive country clubs. The professionals who own and operate these businesses vary from private operators to municipalities and public corporations.

The size and space required to accommodate a gym and to provide members with a motivational environment where they can practice their exercise of choice comes with varying costs. Gym owners and operators must maintain facilities and equipment. They have ongoing overhead costs to keep gyms in proper order. Rooms and workout areas need to be kept clean and any damage needs to be fixed on a regular basis. Gyms employ trainers, sales and account managers, administrative and office staff, general laborers and janitors. On premise software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems handle employee management, membership and ticketing services, training scheduling, accounting, billing and gym subscription payments. These systems often include fixed point of sale devices at the gym shop, handheld mobile devices for on premise servers and to online engagement for booking specialized rooms and sessions.

Payment Integrator has direct integrations into the most powerful gym management point of sale systems available. Our PCI Compliant environment comes equipped with P2PE security and credit card payment acceptance devices with the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Our hosted payment page (HPP) and restful APIs can facilitate an integrated gym payment experience for advanced membership payments and ticketing for special events. Text to pay, email to pay, QR code to pay, tap to pay, dip to pay and swipe to pay options give gyms a frictionless club member and guest payment experience. Our unique tokenization enables customer identification and the ability to create customer profiles for recurring gym membership payments.

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