The gift shop industry supplies people with all sorts keepsakes, mementos, and trinkets connected to a theme, topic, or place. Many gift shops provide supportive services like personal engraving and gift wrapping. Gift shops are similar to department stores but, they have many more souvenir related products to choose from. Gift shops are typically owned and run by managers and knowledgeable staff. Many gift shops can be found within large chains and resorts like Four Seasons Hotels and Disneyworld but family owned and operated single location and multi-location gift shops continue to thrive in communities all over the world.

Gift shops are ideally connected to venues such as aquariums, zoos, national parks, theme parks, and museums where visitors and tourists like to explore. Some gift shops offer online purchasing and delivery as an additional convenience. Other gift shops operate exclusively online. These exclusively web-based gift suppliers often specialize in unique items that are difficult to access as demand is limited. Web based ordering is common as gift wrapping and home delivering is often desired. Gift shops are typically staffed with managers, sales associates and cashiers. These enterprises often run using on premise software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology. Such applications offer inventory records, employee management, point of sale, online ordering, billing, shipping, invoicing and gift shop payments.

Payment Integrator works with gift shops to integrate payment processing with new and existing on premise and SaaS based point of sale systems. Our payment gateway handles credit card and debit card payments as well as e-wallet transactions like Apple Pay and Google Pay. We can communicate with gift shop accounting modules through integrated APIs and a hosted payment page (HPP) solution that is secure and PCI Compliant. Our payment integrations come equipped with a variety of P2PE secure countertop credit card processing terminals. Advanced tokenization makes it possible to create customer profiles to setup gift shop payment plans and to manage invoicing for regular customers.

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