The gas station industry provides petroleum-based fuel required for combustible engine vehicle and aircraft all around the world. Gas stations have two store identity types: branded and unbranded. Branded gas stations carry well-known names like BP, Sunoco, Speedway or Mobil. Unbranded gas stations are not affiliated with a specific major energy company and so they are able to operate independently.  All gas stations typically feature a convenience store and sell a wide array of items including snacks, beverages, toiletries, and souvenirs. Some gas stations offer food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and microwaveable meals. Others have sit-down dining options. Gas stations often offer car washes and some even have oil-change services. Many gas stations operate under major oil company brand names but family owned and operated single location and multi-location gas stations continue to thrive in communities all over the world.

Operating a gas station requires a central location close to travelers passing through and in need of fuel and convenience offerings. Gas stations are typically staffed with store managers, cashiers, stock laborers. Fuel jobbers and supportive trucking companies supply petroleum fuel products as needed and typically through a contracted relationship. Pump technicians install and service fueling equipment and assist with unattended payment processing devices. These enterprises often run using on premise software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology. Such applications offer inventory records, employee management, in-store and at-pump point of sale, billing, invoicing and gas station payments.

Payment Integrator works with gas stations to integrate payment processing with new and existing on premise and SaaS based point of sale pump systems. Our gateway handles credit card and debit card payments as well as e-wallet transactions like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our solutions come equipped with a variety of P2PE secure countertop credit card processing terminals and fuel pump integrated devices. Advanced tokenization makes it possible to create customer profiles for commercial and house accounts.

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