The food truck industry became popular shortly after the mass production of the automobile and the subsequent success of all motorized vehicles large and small. Food trucks brought the concept of street food to a new theretofore unseen level. With food trucks, proprietors are able to build fresh dishes on site with built in kitchens and deliver those meals across towns and across countries. The food truck industry is built around fast fresh and accessible cuisine with varying themes. Food trucks are perfect for regional and mobile quick serve, office building and farmers market events, birthdays and parties of all sizes.

The food truck business is exciting for new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. Typically, food truck concepts are fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. Compared to traditional restaurants, seed capital cost for a food truck operation can be significantly less. Startup expenses are typical of most restaurant enterprises. There is menu and artwork to create, recipes to prepare and employees to hire, but rent expenditures tend to be much less. Food trucks can be obtained on the open market new and used and once paid off, the expenses required are for storage (parking), fuel and maintenance. Compared to storefront restaurants this can be considered a significant value. These operations offer a unique experience for operators and customers alike.  

Modern food trucks have the ability to convert into efficient walk-up quick serve locations. The technology driving these rolling restaurants needs to be able to accept orders, take payments, and notify customers when orders are ready. Some food truck software management tools even have a customer resource management tool (CRM) that allows food truck owners the ability to notify loyal customers when they are in a specific area. Through loyalty programs, operators can notify known and past customers when and where they will be in an area. Payment Integrator has a variety of cash register and business management software options with the ability to accept payments of all types. Our features include e-wallet checkout options like Apple Pay and Google Pay and all major credit card and debit card types. All payments are accepted in a P2PE environment and are PCI-Compliant.

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