There are those who attend parties, enjoy themselves and don’t give much thought as to how it came together. There are a select few, however, who pore over these details. Those people may decide to become event planners. Event planning is an exciting career that mixes social skills, logistical know-how and leadership. Event planners enjoy the buzzy feeling of “controlled chaos” and don’t get rattled if a certain piece of the puzzle doesn’t come together as planned—because they know something will always go wrong. Event planners usually start small, say hiring a DJ for their cousin’s bar mitzvah, and go on to create larger, more intricate events, such as an experiential marketing activation for a Fortune 500 company. The scope of event planning is large, so some event planners will choose to specialize and become a recognized market leader in a chosen niche in their local area. A successful event planner must have excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing. This will be crucial for understanding the client’s needs and goals, and communicating them to the various subcontractors hired for a given event. Event planners must be able to delegate effectively, as it will be impossible to be everywhere at once. Event planners must also be master negotiators, as the client will always want more bang for less buck. Managing budgets is a necessity for any event planner, as they will always need to be creative to maximize their margins. Also, the client will inevitably have questions about where money was allocated. Event planners must be creative and market themselves effectively. This means creating an online portfolio of past events, showcasing either the breadth or specialization of events they created as well as the progression in scope from smaller events to larger ones.

Operating an event planning enterprise is varied in size and scale. Most will want to operate out of an office environment, but many will work out of home offices. Event planners typically have relationships with venues of all sorts, caterers and event rental businesses. Third party relationships are almost always what makes a good event come together. To tie everything together, event planners need to work using on premise software or software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. These applications handle everything from scheduling, ordering, accounting, invoicing, billing and event planning payments.

Payment Integrator can help make sure any event you create will become a smash hit. Payment Integrator can help make sure any event you create will become a smash hit. With our frictionless integrations, client payments can be made electronically with credit cards and debit cards or through E-Check and ACH technologies. We have tokenized P2PE devices and shopping carts capable of accepting e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our hosted payment page (HPP) is perfect for creating live payment links to accompany invoices for immediate event planning payment. Advanced tokenization makes it possible to create customer profiles to setup scheduled payments, payment plans and to manage invoicing for event planning payments. Frictionless integrations with the most powerful event planning accounting modules makes working with Payment Integrator a single source solution. We give you the ability to spend less time chasing the money and more time honing the creative details.

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