Enterprise Content Management


Enterprise content management (ECM) is vital to large enterprises. ECM is document and records management for organizations that have significant number of records and a need to keep them organized and accessible. It is the collection, definition, organization, and storage of critical information for employees, investors, citizens and customers. Enterprise Content Management is a process of managing the entire lifecycle of an organization’s content. Commonly municipalities, schools; K-12 and higher education, large corporations and public court systems need an ECM solution. Managed documents can include court papers, permits, taxes, invoices, and contracts. These documents are typically filed in PDF images. Naming of documents and meta data is crucial to be able to access documents when needed.

As a business, enterprise content management solutions are typically delivered and installed for the organizations that use them by solution providers (SPs) or value-added resellers (VARs). Two key players in the space include Laserfiche and OnBase by Hyland. Each solution has a massive userbase and is growing with the demand for digital transformation. In the past, records were kept in paper documents and in cartridges such as microfiche. Those old-world solutions were always susceptible to theft, loss and destruction. Today all of these records can be created, executed and stored on these large-scale platforms. Commonly access for documents such as licensure, tax forms, building permits and tickets require the need to make a payment at various intake points such as on a form or in person at an unattended kiosk or attended at a clerk’s desk.

Payment Integrator has integrations into the most widely used ECM software suites with the ability to accept a payment through a form and at every stage of a document lifecycle. We have hosted and iFrame payment intake methods and a variety of devices for contact and contactless payment intake. Our gateway solution is PCI-Compliant and operates in a P2PE environment. Our gateway enables e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay and all major credit card and debit card transactions as well as ACH and E-Check.

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