Scientists and Inventors come up with new ideas, and engineers put them into practice and make them a reality. Engineers work to put scientific principles into use by building new and innovative tools, frameworks, chemicals, materials and machines.

The main engineering categories include:

  • Electrical 
  • Mechanical 
  • Chemical 
  • Civil  

    Engineers are the original production team that brings us the things that we use on a daily basis. The field of engineering improves quality of living by offering solutions and improvements within the chaotic framework of nature. Without engineering we would be living closely with the animals like we did centuries ago. Products engineers bring to us include tunnels, machines, structures, climate control, vehicles, and energy. The gas and electricity we put into our cars is processed from resources with the help of machines made and maintained by engineers.

    In business engineers organize themselves in firms with multi-disciplinary competency or as specialized practices. Engineering firms are sometimes tied to a parent company that produces engineered goods and services in quantity. Other times they are hired on a contractual basis as consultant to build schematics and specifications for an end client. Customers are billed in accordance with various term agreements like pre-paid, monthly, quarterly annually and everything in between. Firms typically invoice clients with an accounting software like Xero, FreshBooks or QuickBooks.

    Payment Integrator integrates payments into accounting software for engineering firms so that they can get paid quickly. Our payment presentment tools make it possible for engineering firms to present payment actions on invoices for immediate payment. For in person payments we have a variety of devices for clients to swipe, dip and tap for credit card and debit card transactions. We have the ability to accept e-wallet transactions like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Over the phone payments can be entered into our virtual terminal and email to pay and text-to-pay functionality is all possible utilizing our hosted payment solution.

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