Dry cleaners typically work with clothing and fabrics that cannot withstand the rigors of a standard household washer and dryer. These items are typically dry cleaned. Many premium quality garments are preserved through a dry-cleaning process which helps prevent shrinking and stretching that might ruin clothing. Dry cleaners also remove additional time-consuming chores that come with hand washing delicate clothing items. The specialized dry-cleaning process uses a liquid lighter than water. In addition to cleaning clothing, dry cleaners frequently work with bedding and upholstery to various other items made from fabric. Dry cleaners provide a service that is difficult to achieve at home using regular household washing machines and cleaning solutions. Many dry cleaners also have a laundry service where customers are able to pay by load and are often charged by weight.

In terms of scale, dry cleaning businesses operate as single owner stores, multi store run operations, franchised businesses and large scale with some business owners running upwards of dozens of locations. Some dry cleaners offer larger industrial facilities for items like furniture and rug restoration. These industrial facilities may be called on by insurance companies to restore property damaged by fire or flood. Dry cleaners operate equipment such as washer extractors, tumble dryers, flatwork ironers, self-service equipment, dry cleaning machines and finishing equipment such as folding machines, professional ironing tables, spotting tables and pneumatic presses. A point of sale, interaction and engagement system typically runs customer profiles, item quantities, drop off and pick up times and a whole host of back-end accounting features. Payments typically flow through this integrated software system or through a side credit card processing terminal in combination with a cash drawer.

Payment Integrator has a wide array of options for payment acceptance in dry cleaning businesses. In person debit card and credit card transactions can be accepted on our PCI-Compliant devices that operate in a secure tokenized P2PE environment. Payments can be accepted by swipe, dip or tap methods. We have the ability to store a token to create customer profiles for future transactions, scheduled payments and payment plans. A virtual terminal makes taking a payment over the phone easy and we have email to pay and text to pay functionality. Our clean and streamlined payment processing integrates with software systems and improves efficiency with detailed reporting.

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