Direct mail marketing businesses offer their clients innovative methods to connect with customers in order to increase brand awareness and sales. These companies work with their clients to create written and creative content to be delivered to a targeted demographic. Campaigns include art design, layout print, and delivery service. Direct mail businesses often operate as agencies that work with clients to fulfill a specific need with a branded out-reach strategy. Departments include executive leadership, sales, account management, and creative. Business minded people with an artistic eye typically start or work in direct mail marketing firms and they enjoy helping clients reach their customer base. Building direct mail marketing business campaign requires concept selection, planning, and execution.

Direct mail marketers operate off of payments by their clients to create campaigns, produce and deliver marketing collateral. Some direct mail agencies provide conversion analysis to gage campaign effectiveness and to quantify results. Direct mail services are typically sold by business development teams within the firm. On occasion clients work with consultants who select direct mailer firms and manage the work and the relationship as a third party. These third-party agencies offer their clients industry knowledge and campaign accountability. Once a direct mail campaign is defined, the advertising firm will work within a given budget in order to ship out printed and produced materials on a scheduled campaign date. These agencies typically run using on premise software or software-as-a-service (SaaS). These programs handle client engagement, mailer scheduling, accounting, billing and direct mail payments.

We integrate into the most widely used direct mail agency software suites with the ability to accept a payment through a form and at every stage of a direct mail campaigns lifecycle. An iFrame payment intake method gives direct mailers the ability to accept a payment within the content of their own website page. Integrated countertop devices for contact and contactless payment intake operate in a P2PE environment. Our hosted payment page (HPP) is perfect for creating live direct mail payment links to accompany client invoices for immediate payment. Our gateway solution is safe, PCI-Compliant and includes a virtual terminal for manual and over the phone payment entries. We accept e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay and all major credit card and debit card transactions. ACH and E-Checks are also accepted through our fully integrated direct mail payment gateway.

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