Custom Clothing Payments


Custom clothiers, costume makers, and tailors form an integral part of individualized custom clothing industry and they provide custom-made garments for their clients. Bespoke corporate uniforms help companies create and deploy their identity to their workforce. Custom clothing businesses range from small and intimate to large wholesale manufacturers providing custom uniforms for large organizations. Dressmakers have a thorough understanding of fabric patterns and stitching techniques to create custom orders from their clients. Custom uniform shops create school and team identity apparel. Hot transfer companies supply teams and outfitters direct so that they can produce a unique look desired by any group. This industry is more than bespoke clothiers and when you look closer you can see just how enormous the industry type has grown to become.

Business operations of custom clothiers’ range with scale and method of selling. Small scale bespoke stores typically operate off of an inventory management system with a point-of-sale device such as a Clover. Larger scale operations that deploy custom uniforms and identity branding may operate off of customer resource management systems (CRMs) and tie their sales into an accounting module. No matter what size the operation, technology is tasked at running almost all businesses in this industry. Sure, there are some businesses that will carry on conducting themselves with pen and paper ledger, but they do so at their own detriment. Online stores must be considered and to run a successful store in this business category a virtual footprint is essential. 

Whatever the nature of your custom clothing payments operation, Payment Integrator has a bespoke payment integration that’s right for you. Our integrated payment solutions work with a variety of in person point of sale hardware devices and online with enterprise marketplace platforms. Payment methods include credit card, debit card, ACH and E-Check as well as e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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