Many construction companies see repeat customers so the ability to store client profiles with tokenized payment methods is essential. We have a simple single source payment processing solution for all construction businesses.


Construction businesses build the world we live in. These organizations both large and small are essential to housing, business, industry and infrastructure. Workers at construction companies consist of general contractors, project managers, skilled trade workers, equipment operators, surveyors, estimators and general laborers. Oftentimes construction companies partner with or work alongside architects, inspectors and civil engineers to assist in plans, site development compliance and feasibility. Many owners and operators of construction businesses start learning the trade from general labor and work their way up gaining knowledge in all aspects of the trade. The construction industry builds everything from roads to airport runways, homes to palaces, buildings to skyscrapers and pools to dams and wastewater management facilities.

Construction business management and operations are typically handled by both people and software. Scheduling and accounting are two key operational needs and they are typically handled using a SaaS based or on-premise software solution. Construction permits, materials and labor all need to be organized so that job sites can function on time and within budget. Each milestone in construction typically marks the need to invoice an end user or client. When these invoices are generated, clients can pay cash, check, ACH or credit card and debit cards.

Payment Integrator has solutions to streamline construction payments intake for a company. Our hosted payment page solutions (HPP) are regularly used to present a payment link which can be accessed directly on a client’s computer or smart phone. Additionally, we have an iFrame tokenizer to build construction payments field directly onto your website. Our devices and shopping carts have the ability to accept e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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