Coffeehouses are establishments where customers can procure a cup of coffee, usually brewed fresh behind the counter. Coffee can be enjoyed in-store or taken to go. Customers can choose from several different kinds of coffee, including espresso, lattes, mochas and specialty varieties. Multiple sizes are almost always available. Many coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi, which attracts working people of all stripes. If the customer is looking for something else, food offerings, such as breakfast sandwiches, pastries, or salads are sometimes available. Coffeehouses are also places where one can meet friends, hang out alone, listen to music, play games, or surf the web in a trendy environment. Customers regularly hit up coffee shops to energize before work, relax after a long week, or just to enjoy their favorite drink with a novel or a magazine. Coffeehouses are usually located near public transportation hubs, like train stations, bus stops and airports, making them convenient for commuters looking for a pick-me-up. Coffee shops have become a ubiquitous feature of the American consumer landscape and for good reason.

Coffee shops generally operate as single-owner stores, multi-store operations, franchised businesses and large-scale businesses with global footprints, such as Starbucks. In order to thrive in the coffee shop business, you will need to consistently serve quality products, keep up with consumer trends, and satisfy discerning customers. You will also need a well-trained staff, a frictionless checkout and coffee shop payment experience, and a well-thought-out software as a service (SaaS) driven loyalty program that effectively rewards return customers and helps to create new regular customers.

Payment Integrator offers a fast, secure, easy-to-use payment platform for all your coffee shop payment management needs. This includes a secure, tokenized P2PE payment environment that accepts all major cards and e-wallet options including Apple Pay and Google Pay. We also have the capability to accept mobile payments via NFC, QR code, and barcode scanning. Our devices allow for payments to be accepted with a swipe a dip or a tap, and our fully integrated POS systems allow for transactions to be completed over the phone, or through an interactive online menu.

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