The business of chemical supply is integral to many industries, small and large, among them, industrial manufacturing, maintenance of all kinds, cleaning, et cetera. Chemical substances are generally rated on a scale that assesses health risk, flammability, or reactivity. These ratings are denoted by colored diamonds. There are additional ratings for chemicals that possess unusual water reactivity (W) or oxidative capacity (oxy). The chemical supply business can operate business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C). The scope of the chemical supply business is quite broad, and there are lots of ways to t

turn a profit.

While operating a chemical supply business does not require knowledge of organic chemistry, it is certainly helpful. A factor that is more integral to success, however, is a working knowledge of supply chains, and the ability to build and maintain relationships with vendors. This is especially important if one is going to enter the field at the wholesale level. For example, one could buy chemicals that have household uses at wholesale prices, for example acetic acid or citronella, then dilute them down to a certain level, bottle them and sell them at a markup. Of course, the downside to this approach is high shipping costs due to the inevitably large weight of packaged chemical compounds. Another way to successfully operate a chemical supply business is to create the chemicals yourself. This approach requires the utilization of a chemical laboratory, which carries a litany of requirements, such as equipment, certifications, trained staff, and OSHA compliance. Most chemical supply businesses utilize a SaaS (software as a service) platform for inventory management, billing and chemical supply payment.

Payment Integrator has a variety of solutions to make sure your chemical supply business thrives. We can seamlessly integrate with your SaaS framework so you can easily track orders and invoice clients. If your chemical supply payment needs require it, we can implement a hosted payment page (HPP) in order to send direct payment links along with an invoice. Online payments may be integrated using our restful API or with our shopping carts. Payment Integrator will allow you to easily accept credit card and debit card payments as well as e-checks, ACH and e-wallet options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay in a secure, customer-specific, PCI-compliant, P2PE tokenized environment. Our advanced tokenization makes it possible to create customer profiles for known customers. With customer profiles, setting up scheduled payments, and chemical supply payment plans is simple and secure.


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