A chemical laboratory is a laboratory that is specifically designed to produce and test chemical compounds for the purpose of testing or research & development or simplification or improvement of an existing product. The end-user in chemical lab testing could be a pharmaceutical company, petroleum chemical company, a manufacturing concern, or the R&D arm of a cosmetics firm. The end product could be a new treatment for a disease, a stronger polymer destined for the dashboard of an automobile, or a semi-organic compound that could turbocharge plant growth. It all depends on the scope of the lab work. Any compound that requires testing for any reason could find its way into or out of a chemical laboratory.

Successfully operating a chemical laboratory is a skilled endeavor with staffing challenges. Chem labs require chemists or biochemists and chemical engineers to oversee the production, research and experimentation on various chemical compounds. Analysts will also need to be retained to assist with experimentation and research activities. Chemical laboratories need to be stocked with the proper equipment, depending on the scope of work. Most labs will, however, need all the following—spectrometers, chromatographs, gas supplies, heating equipment, glassblowing equipment, fume hoods and obviously, laboratory glassware. A robust inventory management system will be essential, as equipment needs will fluctuate based on need and supplier availability. OSHA-compliant safety and decontamination protocols will need to be followed. Compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies is also compulsory, and the compliance factors will change depending on the volatility of the material being handled.

Most labs are run by software either on premise or in a software as a service (SaaS) environment. Software handles operations, inventory, administration and accounting and billing. Payment Integrator integrates to create frictionless, PCI-compliant invoicing system at your chemical laboratory. Often times we will implement a hosted payment page (HPP) in order to send direct chemical laboratory payment links along with an invoice. Online chemical laboratory payments may also be integrated with a restful API. Payment Integrator will allow you to readily accept ACH deposits, credit card and debit card payments as well as e-wallet options like Apple Pay and Google Pay in a secure, customer-specific, P2PE tokenized environment both online and in person.

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