The invention of the automobile goes back to 1886, when Carl Benz debuted the Benz-Patent Motorwagen. The watershed moment for automobiles would not come for twenty-two more years when the first Model-T rolled off the assembly line in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It would make sense that the first car wash, known as the “Automated Laundry,” would also open in Detroit, but this didn’t happen until 1914. Unlike the car washes of today, the car was pushed manually down a track, where it would be soaped, rinsed and washed by hand. In 1940, using the lessons learned in the evolution of the assembly line, the automated car wash was born. Subsequent additions to the automated wash appeared, such as overhead sprinklers, soaping devices, blowers and wraparound brushes. Car wash technology continues to progress with the advent of environmentally friendly soaps, and computer-controlled wash processes. 

The car wash business is fiercely competitive, so prospective car wash owners will want to start their journey with solid market research. For instance, if a car wash opens in a place where it often rains, integrating rain checks into the business plan will be necessary. Car wash customers have come to expect a certain level of speed and efficiency, and a lot goes into that. A solid support staff and machines that run reliably without the constant need for repair will be essential for any car wash owner. On premise software or software as a service (SaaS) will help your car was offer a menu of services, including tire wall waxing, and interior cleaning with nontoxic compounds is expected. Providing little extras, such as a comfortable waiting area, as well as smartly deployed promotional campaigns and discounts will keep customers coming back.

Car wash payments require unattended and attended payment processing devices. Payment Integrator has every solution you need to keep your car wash running smoothly. We utilize a secure, tokenized P2PE environment to accept credit card and debit card transactions. Our PCI Compliant devices allow for e-wallet payments utilizing Apple Pay and Google Pay. We also provide software solutions with customer loyalty in mind. Our approach to payments offers the ability to create a customer profile so that repeat customers can be identified in advance. This comes in handy with car wash subscription plans. Payment intake methods include text to pay, tap to pay, dip to pay and swipe to pay. The cutting-edge software and payment processing solutions we provide will give your car wash with a clean edge over the competition.

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