Butcheries have been around for centuries, providing fresh, delicious and juicy meat to communities worldwide. A Butcher shop offers variety; from halal or kosher to raw, smoked, or cooked meat. Many butcher shops have specialty meats and work closely with farmers or foodservice suppliers to provide quality products. Many customers prefer to know where their meat is from and how the animals are raised, making sure they are grown in ethical conditions, are organic, and are hormone-free. Butchers can often tell their customers information about the meat they purchase. Hygiene is a significant facet of the success of a butcher shop. Butcher knives and meat cleavers are routinely sharpened and cleaned between usage. Staff typically take care of hygiene by wearing proper clothing such as head coverings, aprons and gloves. In some areas, butcher team members need to be licensed.

As a business, butcher shops need to maintain supply and freshness by ordering product and decrementing inventory with daily sales. Managing this process is key to maintaining a successful business. In modern butcheries, meats that are delivered, brought into the freezer first and then sliced and put into a refrigerated display for customers to select. Many operations will process unsold meat into ready-to-go meals, chilis, and stews if they are not purchased within a couple days.

At the point of sale, meat merchants should consider accepting all forms of payment. Some butchers offer store charges for frequent customers in their community. This allows for a unique relationship between the butcher shop and its surrounding community. Payment Integrator works directly with purveyors of fine meats from the USA to Canada, Australia and the UK. We provide a reliable tokenized P2PE environment to accept all forms of payment such as e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. We are able to integrate payments with on premise software and software as a service providers (SaaS) that manage butcher shops. Credit card and debit card transactions can be accepted by tap-to-pay, dip to pay and swipe to pay. In some cases we set up an ACH payment solution for large-scale butcher supply transactions.  

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