Bowling Alley Payments


Bowling Alleys are places where family and friends come together, have fun, and look for an entertaining time with a little friendly competition. “The Lanes” are universally loved by all age groups. Pair the bowling alley with an arcade for children, and you have got yourself a full-fledged package of pure and unadulterated entertainment for everyone. Skittle alley as they’re also known probably one of the best date spots for teenagers because of the wholesome activity and tasty food options. Adults accustomed to the sport establish social gatherings called ‘league’ nights. League nights offer an active environment where friends can gather, share a  pitcher of beer and some snacks while enjoying friendly competition and conversation.

Operating a bowling alley requires specialized facilities and friendly and knowledgeable staff. Most bowling alleys incorporate a bar with bar style food. This gives customers the ability to have a full experience with friends and family and also makes the bowling alley an attractive option for birthday parties and special occasions. Bowling alley equipment requires, hardware and maintenance supplies, bowling balls and bowling pins and special bowling shoes for rental. Everything in a bowling alley needs to be accounted for with an operational management system. These systems are typically run by on-premise point of sale software system or a cloud-based software as a service system (SaaS). Bowlers can schedule bowling alley time, rent equipment and pay for food and drink directly through the system.

Bowling alleys are now utilizing text to pay, email to pay, tap to pay, dip to pay and swipe to pay options for payment presentment and acceptance. Legacy bowling alleys transitioning to newer payment intake methods and upstarts implementing their first systems have greater choice than in the past. Embracing new cashless payment methods can elevate any venue by streamlining the way customers schedule pay and experiencing a day or evening at the bowling alley. Our integrated payment solutions have the ability to accept e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay and all types of credit and debit cards. All of our solutions include the ability to swipe, dip, tap or manually enter all cardholder information. Every payment option we provide is handled in a tokenized P2PE environment that is secure and PCI-Compliant.

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