A Bait & Tackle shop; or fishing store, is a brick-and-mortar business storefront that specializes in all things fishing. This includes sales of fishing tackles, fishing rods, lures, worms, sinkers and fishing rod mounts. Anywhere the sport of fishing exists, bait & tackle shops can be found. Bait & tackle shops come in many varieties, from roadside bait stands to national franchises like Bass Pro Shops and everything in between. Bait & Tackle shops are often sources of information about local fish and fishing techniques, what fish are biting and where, and how to get to out-of-the-way spots that casual hobbyists frequently ignore.

One of the major advantages to starting a small (non-franchised) bait & tackle shop, as opposed to say, a sporting goods store or a marina, is that startup costs can be relatively low. Beyond rent, utilities and insurance, fishing supplies are generally inexpensive and generally easy to stock. Proprietors are typically fishing enthusiasts themselves so the business comes as second nature and out of a love for the sport. Tackle shops often offer a vending machine, and provide maps or guided tours of the lakes, rivers or oceans nearby. In sourcing live bait, store owners need need to consider the costs of gas, transportation and storage. The principal downside to a local bait & tackle business is that clientele is often seasonal, as interest in fishing will doubtlessly conform to the weather or the environmental restraints of the local DNR (Department of Natural Resources) or whatever state licensing agency happens to oversee the distribution of fishing permits.

At Payment Integrator, we have a variety of secure, PCI-compliant Bait & Tackle payment processing solutions to keep your clients hooked. We offer state-of-the-art point-of-sale devices for in-person transactions. If tours or charters are an aspect of your fishing business, we have frictionless solutions that integrate with whatever online appointment booking system you decide to use. We offer an industry-leading, customer-specific P2PE tokenized Bait & Tackle payment environment that accepts ACH payments, credit card and debit card payments with a swipe, a dip or a tap, as well as e-wallet options like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

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