Aviation has come far over the last few decades. it was once a luxury for the rich and famous. Since the inauguration of commercial flights it has become more accessible to the general public. Aviation companies are responsible for transporting passengers going on holiday, business travel, or the expedited transportation of goods. The aviation industry includes airplanes, helicopters and rockets as well as primitive flight like recreational hot air balloons, and blimps. The business is not limited to the operation of flying aircraft and similar modes of transportation. Aviation also includes the maintenance, sales, manufacturing of parts and accessories, aircraft fuel services and fixed based operators (FBOs).

Companies providing aviation services include those that own and operate either commercial or private aircraft, manufacturers of aircraft, and the businesses that create accessories or aftermarket parts for aircraft. Aviation payment transaction sizes can be massive. In this industry very few transactions are accounted for using cash. Remaining payment transaction types include check or ACH, credit card and debit card. Payment Integrator can implement the proper payment application for your business and ensure that it is underwritten properly.

Aviation business operators are best suited with the newest transaction equipment available. This includes online invoicing as well as in person contactless enabled payment devices. Our devices offer the ability to accept Google Pay and Apple pay as all major credit cards, debit cards and fleet cards. We tokenize your payments so that you can create customer profiles and re-run payment methods at the request of your clients. All of our integrated payment solutions are secure and PCI compliant.

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